So proud of this company! Started co-operation with Sammet Dampers back in 2006 when they were a nice little family business in Muurame, Finland. We were excited to write about their projects and customers for their customer magazine, Revisio. Today, Sammet has become the global market leader in industrial dampers. It has more than 85 employees in Europe and in Asia, including at its state-of-the-art facility in China.

In response to Sammet’s global reach, we are now producing their English customer magazine, Sammet Review. My highly experienced and talented colleague Sepi Roshan takes care of the content for this magazine which is published both online and in print. Recently Sepi wrote about Sammet’s new Key Account Manager for the marine industry, Mr Rami Tammisto. Despite the huge changes at Sammet, working with them still feels the same – personalised, exciting and rewarding.

Saila Aarnio

Saila Aarnio (FM) on vapaa toimittaja, joka innostuu erityisesti kulttuurista, työhyvinvoinnista, hyvästä elämästä ja muista humaaneista aiheista. Sailalla on pitkä kokemus viestinnän asiantuntijatehtävistä eri aloilla, tanssiteatterista ydinjätteiden loppusijoitukseen, koulutusorganisaatiosta Nokiaan.